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Welcome to 1957 August 20, 2009

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The year was 1957, the music was rock n’ roll!  The cars were classics.  The General Motors car company had only been in business for just under 50 years.  There is a bit of debate about who sold more cars in 1957: Ford or Chevy?  The fact is this in 1957 Chevrolet produced 1,522,536, while Ford produced 1,522,408.  Despite producing less vehicles in 1957, the Chevrolet is more recognizable than the Ford model even more than 50 years later.  

“The ’57 Chevy was quite simply the best-looking car of the entire postwar era.” 

Greg Wallace, manager of General Motors’ Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Mich.

1957 Chevy Belair Convertible


In 1957 consumers had a lot of different choices when it came to buying a new car.  Ford had new models like the Ranchero (a half car, half pickup) a concept that would eventually find a following under a different name and car company.  Chrysler was skipping ahead a few years to 1960, by ditching it’s 1957 concepts and going with the 1960’s concepts instead.  A new Company had also entered the car market from the East, with its debut car the Toyojet.  The foreign invader was none other than Toyota.  GM had their hands full with upgrading their lineup, under the watchful eye of chief designer Harley Earl.

People were also concerned with what was going on in 1957.  The Soviet Union launched the first satelitte, “Sputnik” in 1957, as well as testing their first Hydrogen Bomb.  The US was building bridges (Mackinac bridge, which connects the 2 parts of Michigan), and opening the first US Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania.  The US was also headed towards an economic downturn that would become a recession that would last through 1958.  Elsewhere in the world the Vietnam War was kicking off.



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