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My Car

It was 2006, I was working in an office talking about a car a co-worker’s mother wanted to buy online.  I quickly did a search and showed her a picture of the car I wanted.  After some more inspection of the auction information, I thought “I want that”.

The car:

The cost…. $4,500 running! 

Even though it wasn’t a 2 door I thought I must have it, because I have wanted one since I was a kid.

The only problem was that I did not have that much money.  I have to say at this point in the story that if you have never taken on a project such as an antique car, you will never have enough money unless you are independently wealthy.  Not a problem, I called up the folks and showed them the car, explained to them what we could do with it, etc.  I came up with the $500 deposit and my father came through with the 4 grand.  The problem now was getting the car home.  We live in Houston, Texas the car was in Dumas, Texas.

For those of you that have never been to Texas, or driven through Texas It is nearly. 900 miles running East to West, and just over 900 miles from North to South.  To say it is big is a understatment, the single state of Texas is bigger than the entire country on France!  Our drive was 650+ miles and would take us 12 hours or more to make, because we were pulling a trailer.  Even though the car would move under its own power, we had no idea what shape the motor, brakes, or transmission were in.  There was no way we were going to drive a 50-year-old car 650+ miles through temperatures that were peaking in the 90’s.  Because we didn’t have a trailer at the time, we had to rent one.  It turned out to be cheaper to rent the trailer roundtrip (meaning dragging an empty trailer almost 700 miles) than it was to rent one for the return trip.  I spotted the car online on Thursday and on Saturday April 1, 2006 we set out for the long drive to buy this car neither of us had seen in person.

The drive was not as bad as I expected.  We headed north out of Houston to Dallas on I-45, then we caught I-35 and headed towards Wichita Falls via 287.  From there we headed straight out 287 to Amarillo where we caught I-40 on what used to be the “mother road” Route 66.  From there we went right on up 287 to Dumas, TX.  Once we got to Dumas we had to find the place where the car was at.  It was a skateboard shop that the current owner had rented out to get the teens off of the streets.  The car was parked out behind the store, and for me it was love at first site.  We had to wait for the owner to arrive, but she told us to go ahead and check the car out.  The interior was covered by a crocheted blanket, and the hood did not sit on straight.  The front bumper had a big dent in it, the grill bar was missing, and the grill had been changed out



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